Odoo 16 - Expected Features
Odoo 16 - Expected Features

Odoo 16 – Expected Features

New Knowledge App – like Wiki – for Odoo

This forum will let individuals to interact and post technical documentation in one place and get help from others, without leaving the Odoo screen, technical queries solved live on the same page. Share files instantaneously, collaborate with dedicated space for individuals / team, of course all the above features for all pages on Odoo.

Website Builder

Website Builder, based on WYSIWYG, editing and preview in single window with live update preview.


Coupons available for all apps across the platform. Much needed to address the end user requirement for each app.


Subscription app merged with sales


  • New bank reconciliation: multi-currency matching, simplified accounting imports,
  • Journal audit report: improved readability and vat related information's
  • Enhancements in assets: Easier cancellation, better UX, Accurate Computations
  • Credit Limit: warning in sales and invoice
  • OCR: separate settings for customer invoice
  • Intra stat reports
  • Various improvements in E-invoicing Factrux, Peppol, Finvoice, EHF
  • Quicker Validation and E commerce


  • Interactive back-end design (better onboarding, more visibility with extra features)

  • Innovative and user-friendly frontend Design- better UI and UX

Email Marketing

  • Replicate designed templates for new creating new mail templates

  • Global setting for mailing list, quick and easy to configure


  • Support for variety of video utils like Vimeo


  • Email notifications for Pay Now - new layout design, forms

  • Configure multiple domain and servers for multiple company on the fly


  • Simple dashboard for quote tweets and retweeting


  • Backorder – make to happen

  • Versatile shipping methods

  • Automation using batch tasks- seamless process flow

  • GS1 labels for lots and packages

  • Replenishment visibility tracker

  • Scan package with any type of identification

  • Pick and count

  • Force scan for variety of materials available.


  • Call for tender with new features and interface

  • Receipt/Delivery status in PO & SO – new UX

  • Shipping insurance options and configurations

  • Commercial invoice


  • Sign: option to refuse sign


  • Key days configuration, where leaves are not allowed for employees “Stress Days”

  • Options delete time off from dashboard


  • Customize the approval process flow – sequencing of approvers


  • Employee skill matrix, skill evaluation and based on that identify employee training needs

  • Signature request wizard to plans – new addition


  • Manage manufacturing orders – split and merge

  • Allocation report for manufacturing

  • Separate portal for Subcontracting and their activities


  • Tab view – reconstructed with new layouts

Other Features:

Brainteasers and Brainstorming
Impact of Brainteasers and Brainstorming