Debt Management

“Debt Management Partner Credit Management Group owned group of companies together with UADBB Credit Insurance Brokers , LLC ” RVS financial advice and other companies. This allows the optimization of the debt collection process. example. debtor willfully avoiding cover the debt immediately informed of sales credit insurance company and the borrower may cancel the applicable limits for other suppliers, even those who seek appointments. Thereby, the borrower not settled, for example. acquired for building materials, it can be blocked refueling cards.

“Debt Management Partner employs experienced professionals with many years of experience in debt collection trade credit insurance companies.

Srikesh Infotech supported to implement Software application and customized the application according to their business requirement. Out of that some special feature developments below.

1. Develop the Request Event Calendar in Adempiere
Web Design a Request Event Calendar for Monitoring & Creating a Customer Requests

We Designed a Request Event Tracking Calendar in Adempiere ERP. By Using this Calendar Client will be easily Monitor their All Customer Requests. The Calendar having Day View, Week View , 5Days and also Month View for easy Tracking.

          The Small Calendar will be displayed in the Main Page by Clicking this Icon the Multiple View Calendar will open. These Parameters        helps to Change the First Day of the Week, and   this helps Filter the Requests by their Type.

Request Event Creation & Track Panel:

On Clicking a particular Date in Calendar the Request Event Creation Calendar will appears. By Using this Panel Customer will easily create a new Request by inserting the available Fields in this Panel. If Click on the existing Request Events in Calendar the Event Tracking Panel will opens it helps to follow or zooming Existing Requests.

On Click this Icon the Particular Request Event Record will Drill Down in Request Window it helps to update the Record. Header Color & Content Color in Panel is helps to differentiate the Type of the Requests by Selecting Various Colors.

2. Calculate the Interest & Collection Fees for Payments in Lithuanian Account Basis in Adempiere

We are easily adopt all Accounting Norms .We develop a Process in Adempiere for Calculate Interest, Collection Fees & Open Amount for a Payment against a Sales Invoice in Lithuanian Accounting Basis and Intimate Our Client.