Granite And Tile Industry

ERP,CRM, E-Commerce and HRM application for Granite And Tile Industry

About Company:

US based Granite and Tile distributor cum retailer. They are doing business since 2000 and has many customer all over US states.

SRIKESH INFOTECH doing many customized application development for them. We are customizing OpenERP according to their business needs and also integrating feature rich open source application with ERP to get all advanced features in single point. Some of our development details below.

1. Purchase & Inventory Management

  • Purchasing orders by various categories such as Sink , Slab, Tiles.,
  • Identify each slab with Unique Name and Tag.
  • Measuring the slab dimensions with accuracy in square feet ,Inch or centimeters .
  • Maintaining the warehouse locations for every slabs.
  • We can move the slabs from one location to another location with their original sizes and quantity.
  • Inventory Management of stock .
  • POP Order – Point of Purchase is the place where a supplier transaction is completed. It is the point to make vendor payment in exchange for goods or services.

2. Sales Management

  • Sales order created by categorized products ,if slabs entered by name it automatically fetched the slab details with dimensions and price .
  • Each Slab status is maintained upto to the seconds (i.e.) Available, Reserved, Hold ,Tagged, Damaged , Returned ,Delivered.
  • We can make the whole sale trade, Sometime use to sell entire PO slabs with good profits at one go.
  • We can sell no of slabs at one go from Inventory.
  • Designed special forms with easy search screen to create Sales Order , Inventory Move and Tagged Slabs at one place with available slabs.
  • We can keep the track of Damaged slab which is returned by Vendor and Customer .
  • We can provide support to resell the scraped items .
  • Support for importing large amount of existing or new data from various legacy systems into adempiere application by data loader format.

3. Adempiere ERP Integrated With Magento

  • Leveraging Existing or new products items, slabs detailed information such as name, dimensions, color, shade, pictures and inventory, price, Sales , shipping and invoice data have strong communication with each other
  • Synchronize the inventory it helps to keep the products in Stock available to shoppers and process transitions.
  • Automatically notify the customers when they order have been shipped , allow them to track delivery products.
  • Online or offline sales can be managed which increase profit or revenue.
  • Meets tax requirements
  • Integrate business channels for all accounted such as Phone orders, web orders, retail sales etc.
  • Shipping through the cheapest Method or free shipping
  • Attract the customers by giving discount or coupon codes.
  • Secure transactions processing through Credit Card , Check , Money Order , PayPal., it ensures the customers are very safe with purchasing their products .
  • Product Visibility which increase the ease of customers view and purchase products .
  • Selling products through online increase your products order volume
  • Easily found our products via Search Engine it increase your market services.

4. OrangeHRM Customization

  • New projects with start and End Dates.
  • Assigned the resource to Project
  • Employee can attach/export files in Timesheet .
  • Employee books/records the Time to project within the Start and End dates and submits for approval if exceeds or under beneath the date can access the timesheet
  • Employees get the email notification when approved/rejected. Manager approves the Timesheet.

5. Integration

Mobile user Interface with Adempiere Integrating with third party software like CRM, e-commerce for granite Industry

6. Adempiere ERP with Sugar CRM

  • Synchronizing Existing or new product items ,Inventory stock, cost , Customer and their information with Address ,Accounting details from Adempiere ERP Application to CRM.
  • Synchronize Sales Order, leads and opportunities.