Safety Equipment Company

Production Plan Developments for a Safety Equipment Company with AdempiereERP

About Customer:
Consulting company was founded in 2002. They provide comprehensive professional assistance in Occupational Health and Safety for their customers. Within five years, SDG Ltd. has become the biggest business management consultancy company in Lithuania with 12 offices across the country. Since 2007, based on the revenue the company is leader among business consulting companies.

Their activities: Business consultancy, training, occupational safety and health, employment law, fire safety, safe use of electricity, environmental protection, occupational risk assessment and evaluation, implementation of ISO standards, electricity, heat, gas maintenance, engineering servines.

We did successful ERP and customized software solution for them and help boost their business. Specifically we design a WebUI Form in Adempiere like an Excel Worksheet for

  • Quickly Create the Production Plan Lines in AdempiereERP
  • Select or Update Ingredients Types or Categories, Ingredients easily
  • Enter or Update the Amount of all Ingredients in one Stretch for End Product
  • Insert Multiple(Records) Lines in AdempiereERP by One Click