Seasoning Manufacturers

ERP Implementation and Support to seasoning manufacturers

This is one of the most modern and largest seasoning manufacturers in Europe. For more than 20 years, company maintains market leadership and has won customers’ trust. Last year the company received a prestigious award in Europe – “The Most Innovative Company”.

They produces and sells more than 100 different products: tomato sauces, ketchups, mayonnaise and oil based dressings, organic products and products without food additives. The brand awareness is 91 per cent.

Since 2006 company start expand exports to foreign countries. Now they export production to EU countries (Finland, Denmark, Germany, England, Ireland, Latvia, Slovenia, Sweden, Poland) and Russia. This year company starts export to Saudi Arabia. In 2010 the company’s export was worth LTL 6 million; in 2011 – LTL 9 million, while in 2012 – LTL 12 million. In 2012, the company received an award “Exporter of the Year 2011” from the Confederation of Industrialists.

Srikesh Infotech supported to implement ERP and customize applications for their business needs. Out that customization we develop a Resource Tracking Monitor in Adempiere WebUI for Track the All Available Resource and Show their Details in a Table.

Example:e Multi Color Monitor. By this Monitor Customer easily identify the Available (Green) & Unavailable (Red) Resources by their Coloring.

We Design a Resource Monitor For Tracking a Resource and Their Activities by Monitoring with this Screen. We Compare the Project Plan Starting & Ending Date and Time with System Current Date and Update the Resource availability by Auto Refreshing the Monitor in every 5 Seconds Once.

We find out which are the Resources are now working with a Project as by the Color of GREEN. And the others are not yet assign a Project as finding this by the Color of GREY. And also We Monitor from this Screen what are the Product will be processed by the Resources and How many Quantity of the Products will assign to Process & how much time will be taken for this process all these details will be collected from this Monitor.