Automate your Accounting tasks with the SKIT-OCR API

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Optical Character Recognition
from SKIT

SKIT OCR helps digitize documents, extract and organize data from order documents, Bills and Invoices


Our Skit -OCR can scan the Documents via mobile, fax is built to handle data extraction for your small business or large enterprise Level Corporation.

Document Mapping

Once the Vendor bill fields were mapped with the Skit – OCR
Data from Purchase bills automatically uploaded in the OCR skit file.

Intelligent Invoice Coding

Categories the Invoices, pair them with the suppliers.

Verify and Generate

Manual Verification available once verified, Odoo Invoice will be generated.

How it Works?

1. Scan the Bills, Invoices or Order Documents

Save it as a pdf or png format and upload it in the Skit-OCR.

2. Document Mapping

Further fields can be drag and drop using the selection tool.

3. Process

You can choose the vendor and upload the scanned bill.

4. Generate Invoice

Automatic data transfer occurs; Odoo invoice will be generated.